Open for Registration

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Posted by crynobone on 03-January 2007. Filed under ,

Malcontent Blogger

I have finally developed a user registration module for ChronoSight.CMS, default scheme for newly registered user will be fall under "Commenter" group but I would gladly change it to "Contributer" (with ability to make entry) where I see fits.

Spammer, where are you?

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Posted by crynobone on 02-January 2007. Filed under ,

It has been a week (more or less) I have seen any spam entry in ChronoSight while the captured spam still increase from time to time. This only can mean one thing, our SpamBuster module is doing great at stopping spam especially from commenting or even trackback. So far there only few innocent comment which were marked as spam but during each update I have tried my best to avoid this from happening and finally now I would consider it's already perfect.

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New Year Resolution

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Posted by crynobone on 31-December 2006. Filed under , , ,

What my New Year Resolution? To be honest with everyone I don't like the idea of making up resolution every single year since the would alway something you want but will not get. So right now I just going to share with you my personal plan for 2007 and most of the plan drafted inside my tiny head mostly regard my project and work.

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LITHIUM by Evanescence

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Posted by Evangelistica on 30-December 2006. Filed under

I wont review the whole The Open Door album but my soul definitely "attached" to their single Lithium (whatever that means). It's a perfect match between goth and rock. Probably the best entry in the album. Here's the lyric...

Lithium, don't want to lock me up inside
Lithium, don't want to forget how it feels without
Lithium, I want to stay in love with my sorrow
Oh but god I want to let it go

Come to bed, don't make me sleep alone
Couldn't hide the emptiness you let it show
Never wanted it to be so cold
Just didn't drink enough to say you love me

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I'm on Holiday for a Week

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Posted by crynobone on 29-December 2006. Filed under

Today marks the beginning of my one week holiday, I will be spending time at my hometown at perlis as usual till next Saturday but so far I'm not sure about my father plan (if any) on going back to Perak but I do believe that my father would be going back. As we reaching a new year ahead of us I would like to wish everyone a great new year as well as Selamat Hari Aidiladha. So what your new year resolution? I haven't finalize mine yet... XD